Recipe Exchange prompts social media review recursion #Spacex #therecipeexchange @spacexgallery @Helen_Pritchard:

The Recipe Exchange exhibition at Spacex takes the form of sharing applied knowledge. Some events already happened in Farringdon. The website continues during the next few weeks and new recipes are also possible as hard copy posted at the gallery.  "recipes" can be for any useful activity. I have added one for catching a bus to a country walk and pub sandwich. It may be amended following tests.

At a talk on Saturday Helen Pritchard compared the Recipe Exchange format to the Wikipedia and open source software. Events may have some of the same spirit as a party for hackers and net artists. It is also possible that reviews will have some of the same qualities. There is now some comment on Facebook and a reviews page based on Tumblr.

I took some photos which are now on Flickr. I hope to do some video soon at various locations.

Most of the photos are of book covers. Permission to photograph people is more complicated. For a limited number of days the books are available at Spacex. But one obvious question is to ask how much they usually cost and is there a free version online? There is web access also and one estimate mentioned on Saturday was £50 for title only available in hardback. Maybe I misremembered this already.

there is some free text here, to be compared with the hard copy at Spacex some time later

Making is Connecting by David Gauntlett has a page with sample chapters and several links, including free stuff.

Italian design and EU funding through Framework. A few years old now but some of these ideas have been around for quite a long time.

I am interested in the Recipe Exchange as connected to quality systems and action learning. Documnet control is not always regarded as a fascinating subject but the content here is interesting enough to hold some attention. A recipe is similar to a works instruction, a document that exists at an early stage in a process. Later documents could include complaints about the resources or suggested changes in the instructions. For example I have suggested in my own recipe that the walk to the coast from Farringdon via the river Otter is pretty much flat. No steep hills to worry about. This may be modified when tested.