general purpose chat show outline during a walk with destination

previously I have thought about Lancaster campus as a direction for a conversation. start with tech vision at InfoLab 21, then critique / social context near management school, then public space near the central area with library and bookshop

however, difficult to get academics to comment on camera for Youtube within 3 minute clips

also the bookshop area has been reluctant to promote Sony reader etc. Learning Zone interesting but web access seems easier in actual Lancaster centre so public space is more in the city with consumer electronics

so there can be other walks with similar issues

towards the olympic site by canal is interesting as such but it turns out there is tech in the space between angel and Victoria Park, also critique near the Guardain

chat show content may be in various orders

canal walk to Salford media more of a spectacle than the Olympics media buildings also could be more obvious a route from the Science Park near central Manchester

walk also imagined towards Sidmouth for folk week   this is about music but also maps and social media

the original chat show was for the beer festival at the Exeter castle so aspects of this site can be extended

clips so far for Rougemeont Global Broadcasting include some from trade shows
round about now the same issues are turning up in most of the UK

there is still critique but the technology spreads in any case

Exeter campus has decided against a bookshop when the centre reopens. this is news event so e-learning etc have arrived though chat continues

script / blog to continue with actual interview clips, blog links etc, and tales of sourceSalford and source.dubious10