Open questions for students of critical management re e-learning and social media

The draft interview for Haymarket suggests to me there could be a method in blogging about issues rather than asking direct questions. At least it could help me find the answers when they crop up.

I have been trying to follow a critique take on e-learning but have lost track. There is a Critical Managament Studies conference coming up in Italy so some of these topics may be discussed. My interest started when I worked for a print company and followed ideas about learning organisations. I found then that the influence of Hugh Wilmott on ideas about quality was such that there was very little space to consider quality management as a way to think about digital technology and change in resources for learning. there has been critique of e-learning but so far as I know not much recent discussion on how dialogue might be better supported by social media.

There has been a manifesto about Network Learning and this was revised at a recent conference but I don't understand how the ideas are promoted or what the revised approach is as a public statement many people might follow.

I attended the Experimentality conference last year where there was critique of the Cloud and discussion for activists but again i don't know what is happening with the Cloud or how academic activists are communicating with a wider public.

I don't think the Cloud can be ignored. Whether or not it could have been better designed, something is going on currently. Exeter University make a positive case for not having a bookshop. This is debated in the student newspaper but it the decision is clearly an event.

There has been a CMS website following a meeting about Web 2.0 but I find it hard to use and the discussion around it has been limited.

what is the practice in relating CMS to social media? What is the current view on quality or learning in organisations?

There is a lot of content online from managers or companies that has a view on social media. It may be mostly rhetoric, but is is easy to find and understand.