Google Blog Search finds CMS7 #cms7naples

I have found a few links through Google blogsearch but not as much as I was expecting.

Sheridan professor to present paper critical of ban on religous face coverings at CMS 2011 in Naples

In this paper, the authors will explore the discursive nature and implications of Western moves to ban the niqab from public engagement. They also explore the issues raised for feminist organizational analyses in the face of difficult cross-cultural engagement.

It is the first time that the bi-annual CMS Conference will be held outside of the UK. This may be interpreted as a sign of the progressive diffusion of this branch of management theory, and in particular, the interest which is also emerging in Italy.  The 7th International CMS Conference aims to explore established social practices and institutional arrangements in new and often radical ways, inviting contributions from a global constituency of critical scholars, practitioners, students and other interested parties.

I am not sure if #cms7naples will work on Twitter. Maybe something else will turn up. cms7 finds other things as well.

There are now lots of papers to download if you find proceeedings. So there could be a lot of social media links and comments. Previously there was a discussion about Web 2 etc in a California hotel. However most of the content takes a traditional form, PDF designed for print. Still works well, but other formats could support some interest.

I have been aware of CMS through conferences about Management Theory at Work and the IAS at Lancaster. This CMS conference could show a context of what academics are interested in without having a project that appears to link to an outside concern. More later when I look at some of the papers. Any links to short format intros welcome.