15 year time warp for Digital Printer, my future is in the archive #a-pdf-a

Digital Printer has arrived as hard copy and I have found some of the content also online.

Bill Holmes, HP - ‘But this is the same message that we’ve had for 15 years, the need to be proactive etc. What matters is the capability of the sales force to get it over. There’s a disconnect, even if the print shop owner gets it, that the sales force may not.’


This is from a round table discussion. Variable print is still needing promotion it seems.

In the news section there is not much comment on Cross Media Live, just the dates and the claims. I think that print may have to move faster to stay in the mix with social media. The round table seems to look at social media as just for a younger audience. What the timescale is I am not sure. But talk around Cross Media needs to continue.

Magazines from the past fifteen years or so are relevant. Especially those about print. They rarely suggest there is any rush, but the issues have been explored.

#a-pdf-a is about another PDF archive. Scans may already have been done. Later posts will identify some of the titles and check for existing links.