Guardian reports on BBC but not much on the Guardian, print plans for example

Just checked online and the story seems to have moved a bit but here are the main links for the print content I bought this morning-

Main thing I notice is that there is nothing in print about the Guardian itself and the numerous stories last week about possible cancellation of print. Apparently wholly untrue but then they might say something.

I still think the Guardian Unlimited Talk saga is worth further study. So far it has hardly been reported, certainly not in print. A very successful cover up. Who made the decision to close it? When did Alan Rusbridger know? etc etc

Newsweek and the Daily Beast have made a clear decision to go online. I think people in the UK including former Guardian readers should have a look fairly often. They have some stories about the UK press such as speculation as to how Murdoch papers got transcripts of Diana phone conversations.

This story may be mostly speculation but I still think it odd that no UK papers have mentioned it as far as I know. They don't report much about themselves.