Has Printweek moved online or what? Blog policy a bit of a puzzle

This is week three of the new Printweek. I thought they had moved online but there is plenty of variation in view. The blog is not very easy to find on the website but there is a link in the printed version to Jo Francis on the decision from Sky to increase email and reduce printed magazines for contacting customers. However, this is what she says

I'm not viewing this as some sort of wider death-knell for customer magazines in general, though. Sky has spent millions and millions of pounds on marketing to attract ten million subscribers to its services, now it wants to make maximum margin out of all those punters. 

It is not a very positive sign though, is it? And the printed version of Printweek is full of partial items with a link to the website. what is the actual Haymarket view. I think it could be a very sensible take on where media is headed. But it could be more clearly stated.

Also I think the blog format could be better promoted.