Haymarket finances revealed but who checks out the Guardian?

Today the Media Guardian features an interview with and some tough questions about debt, losses, and adjusting to a digital future. The information is certainly interesting and is background for assessing the views in Printweek about the ebook and tablets. 

But what could be said about the Guardian? Is the situation very different? They may be further into a web approach but the print may still have some issues.

Content is the thing. But is there a viable model to continually create content without a different attitude to the punters?

More about me. I started a couple of topics on Guardian Talk, about PDF and OhmyNews. No contributions from Guardian staff on either. OhmyNews was only ever a tech story for a Thursday so that has vanished. Fair enough, no longer published through an English language site but the model continues and the theory is still relevant, imho.

Jo's Helpline recently included a guide to the Kindle, reluctantly accepting that ebooks have some sort of role. I added a comment requesting further help on what software to use for creating an ebook. Once the Printweek audience have been told that the Kindle has arrived they might as well offer a service along with the rest of the pre media, whatever that means. No comment on this yet from Jo but she has responded previously so something may turn up  

My conclusion at the moment is that print journalism is not as secure as it appears. There may be a shift in the future. Peter Preston may say something polite about bloggers. Time will tell.