Hello Spiders 2013 #mtw3 #mosocoop

This is a start on a group of words or search terms that might fit together. More in later posts.

See previously for a model of innovation / disruption when a new approach starts with lower levels of quality in some respects when compared to established ones. The MOOC is currently in this sort of situation but may improve. "Blending" is a way to connect both a MOOC and Face to Face events or however else learning is supported other than online.

I have shown Speech and Technology as poles of Communication. Currently I'm working more with radio.

Quality Management is a way to work on improvement for the MOOC and also adding online aspects to existing education.

Later I will look at #tags which can be added and how actual search results compare.

#mosocoop is mostly promoted through the CQI website and LinkedIn etc. The F2F meetings are usually for planning.

#mtw3 continues online but a F2F is possible, maybe soon.