I'm on Phonic FM this Thursday - Wheelie Wild Show 10-12

Chris Norton is away this week so I will be doing the Phonic slot between 10 and 12. Fortunately JD will be there in support so there won't be too much silence while I work out how to start the music. He may also take over now and again. I expect to play some country soul and may slow down a lot. So some daytime disco could balance this out.

from capitolmusicgroup , sounds official.

Devon Soul is just a little bit country, there is more in there as well. This track will probably turn up in my second show, 9th June.

There will also be talk around the Recipe Exchange at Spacex and Farringdon. My own recipe is for a walk via bus to somewhere to eat/drink. Original recipe mentioned a pub but this can vary. There could be more documentation on how recipes change over time.

I have three Respect CDs. I may find another one at the Seale Hayne Record Fair. There is a Motown concert coming up at the Corn Exchange so I will also be looking out for Motown hit collections.

JD tells me that the equipment now hardly ever fails in streaming from YouTube.

My own stuff on YouTube has been a test of how a local channel may work. I will try to recap on this. It started with an attempt at a chat show during the Beer At The Castle event a couple of summers ago. Carl Munson turned up and invited me back to the New Exeter Radio Show. Same time each week but nearly everything changes.