Recipe as in performative : Exchange as in Open #therecipeexchange

The recipe Exchange at Spacex is getting more interesting. Some of it is at Spacex but it continues in Farringdon and other places. It could be seen as a way to represent what was going on anyway nowhere in particular.

second visit based my own recipe for going for a walk.

Coming up, the review group, a book about making things as connections, and a talk about open data in Manchester.

So far my photos and video have not included any people. I do realise there is more concern over image rights than over music for example. But still, given the nature of the show I hope there will be some talk on camera before the 9th July. If not at Spacex maybe in Farringdon or Exeter.

The reviews group will consider some fairly long text

Even though tablet computers have a fan base, the respect for text continues. Could this sort of dialog be done in clips for YouTube?