Imagined Facebook Meeting re Video starts with Spacex and Animated Exeter

Not sure how to prepare for a talk about Will's Wonderful World of Digital Music Video. It will not happen for a while, till the launch of Creative Tuesdays. But the basis for something during Animated Exeter is becoming more clear.

Spacex Landings works well as a digital show, mostly online as well. Animate Projects has a base with Channel 4 so TV screen resolution is one reference. (How TV works in future, social media and formats is another question) Animated Exeter, like Spacex, has a Facebook Page with links to YouTube. Previously Exeter City Council has not supported Flash so no youtube or even animation on official sites. Facebook is one way round this. you don't have to click on video if you don't want to.

Basic links of visual music and the demoscene are well enough understood by the group of people I have been encouraging towards the talk. slides good enough to scale up later. So the next phase is how to relate to music video, including performance. Rougemont Global Broadcasting / Exeter TV need a flow of content, some as broadcast TV. Various edit budget levels have been discussed.

Isca Obscura and the VJ event are both open access for image rights, as I assume it. the castle event last year was such. Beatz and Bobz photos turn up on Flickr. I think it should all be Creative Commons so it is very clear. First problem is that it may not be possible to use the Beth Gibbons song. It will be played but if you happen to include it in a video of the graphics there could be an issue in what you do with the video. Just my impression so far. could be wrong about this. Universal Records quoted in Media Guardian today as concerned about the end of Top of the Pops, Electric Proms etc. Well, long ago there may have been a VHS tape of Top Of the Pops. So I don't see the harm in a minute or two of Portishead somewhere on Youtube. Still we should all try to stay inside the official guidance.

The cathedral projections look like being wonderful. One sample photo on Facebook so far. Other graphics could be mixed in with a video. also music from other sources, especially if the performers encourage it.

The VJ evening will probably use related software. The castle last year was done with screens and speakers controlled by VJ software.

I found some video of Xerxes at Breakpoint where there is abstract animation in background. They have continuity of video but I am also interested in how to edit round problems. Low level production escape routes are well within my scope (Exeter TV don't have this sort of issue, but they start with a budget hurdle....) If you have the original animation it can be edited in to cover the gaps.  there may be a chance to try this out with VJ but probably works better with performance.

So by the end of animated Exeter there will be some video and some discussion re how to end up with music video and what to do about rights issues. The "meeting2 is expected online but may continue through Analogue 2 Digital, a music technology event. The issue there is also what can be done with consumer electronics? do we really need expensive kit? the video I gather will be from a Kodak Zi8. The interest will be on multiple versions. Of course a really good soundtrack from Radio Devon would help. Please leave it on the red button at full length. A news clip is not really enough.