Nokia N8 what choices for mobile video #likeminds animated exeter

I am thinking about the Nokia N8 and the discussion at #likeminds Exeter towards the end of last year. The Nokia N8 was promoted as a phone with video camera alongside new Kodak video camera (not a phone). I use an old nokia phone that has almost no extra features, also a Kodak Zi8 for video. I take the card to a desktop, then load to YouTube.

So the idea of the Nokia N8 is very interesting. In theory you could video and load online almost at once. I have spoken to Apple phone users who find the wifi option is viable. But my guess is that file sizes are too big for most phone bills.

Also the N8 presumably will be replaced with something Windows now that Nokia has decided to change the operating system. It is not clear how this will work out. I am a bit surprised that Android was not the choice. Apparently  it was considered. 

“We explored the Google ecosystem. There are some attractive elements to the system, however we felt that we would have difficulty standing out of the crowd.”

So it will be interesting to see what they come up with. Meanwhile Adobe is promoting Flash for Android and expects a volume result. “We are thrilled to see mobile adoption of Flash Player and AIR exceeding even our own expectations, with much more to come in the months ahead,” said David Wadhwani, senior vice president, Creative and Interactive Solutions Business Unit, Adobe. 

Barcelona this week coincides with animated Exeter so some links and quotes seem to fit in. Next weekend there will be projections on the cathedral so lots of content for phone cameras etc. Delay for a few days won't make a lot of difference but there will be something fairly quickly.

Nokia may turn up in Exeter for the next #likeminds . Meanwhile question through blog is where the N8 is positioned at the moment.

My guess si that Android and Adobe are looking for a standard solution that will work on a large scale..