Informa, what year are we in now? Taylor and Francis Cross Media Live 2011 2012

It is almost August so there is some drift mode about. But I do know which year this is.

The Bookseller reports that the proportion of digital sales for Informa publishing is 75%

There is not a lot of detail, though Taylor and Francis is included. Is this mostly journals? How much reference material on a database? And what sort of changes follow from this? My impression is that academic journals have mostly gone digital for libraries but the format continues. Still limited tolerance for drafts and variety of versions.

But the main point is that the Bookseller report is for actual numbers from the first half of 2011.

Meanwhile in another part of the Informa organisation Cross Media Live is announced for 2012.

This is aligned with the IPEX show and LinkedIn pages. The digital age offers new profits but apparently not till next year. There is something out of time in all this.

If the digital publishing reports were still of the kind where ebooks might be 3% sometime next year, then the classic IPEX view of view of print would still make sense.