Flickr set of pix guides Walk to Seale Hayne, continues recipe exchange

Here is a link

The Recipe Exchange has ended but the idea of a (bus ride, walk, pub visit, walk bus ride) still makes sense.

In this case it was a coffee with cake. Previous attempt to visit Seale Hayne bu car ended up at the Lost Tourist, a pub near the Plymouth Exeter road but not easy to find unless you are lost.

The advice I am getting for driving from Exeter is to go into Newton Abbott then take the road for Plymouth / Ashburton then follow the signs for Seale Hayne. From a map there ought to be a more direct way from Exeter but it is just not set up as such. If you do the study you might find the way on a second visit. anyway the bus route works ok. Allow an hour or so for the walk.

Once you get there everything is fine. I have no doubt that recording technology of various kinds will be well established before too long. Barefoot Broadcaster Carl Munson may visit Exeter of course so there are different ways things could go further.