inxpress ex1to4 wifiexeter will789gb words that make sense to me #inxpress

Should it happen that an injunction arrives and inxpress will vanish i have tried out these search terms

Could I continue to use them? will the Royal Mail realise that post codes are quite useful in defining space? Is there a fee for inventing an are called EX1to4? Please get in touch if so. I am not intending to start a post code operation. No confusion intended. 

wifiexeter is a blog and some links. It was once discovered that Exeter had the highest number of hotspots per capita in the UK. Except that many of theme turned out to be pub quiz machines. Nowadays Exeter wifi is about normal for north Europe.

will789gb is me with gb = going book , current situation. If there is another will789gb reading this it would be good to meet you.