Touchpad II arrives in Heavitree. One left at Cobalt today

I have bought a Touchpad in Heavitree and realised that things have moved on quite a bit. Cobalt seem to be a services company that happens to be located in a shop so they have a few items for sale. They are suitable set up for Microsoft support but also have an interest in Android. The Touchpad is made and designed in China. the price is very reasonable.

Meanwhile in the Exeter High Street ( about half an hour away from Heavitree) there is an Apple Store and also several shops for mobile devices. But anything with a large screen seems to run Windows. Open source netbooks have gone though you can always download something for yourself. There was a Toshiba device but this has gone also. 

Apparently Cobalt only bought ten items so this is not really a challenge to the High Street. but they seem to be interested enough in Android to follow what is available. Stange or what? I used to think I had to travel to find current technology. Clearly Android is available in many other places. Mac and Windows will continue anyway. But the Android future has arrived close to home.