IPEX 2014 will be more like Cross Media Live

There are changes in the scope for IPEX 2014 following decisions by Xerox and Komori not to attend.

The conclusion to shape Ipex into a thought leadership event for the print-centric multi-channel marketing communications industry was made following a review of the results of an independent global market study during Q4 2012. 

These words need a bit of study. The "multi-channel marketing communications industry" is any form of communication. "print-centric" means that print is still at the centre of this. This last bit may be the centre of ongoing discussion.

So Cross Media Live   http://www.crossmedialive.com/   23/24 October will be even more interesting than the first one. I don't think the implications of print as part of communication are all thought through. The situation is still clarifying. So exact dates may not matter too much. There is a couple of years that has already started and includes IPEX 2014.

(Place is also variable. Islington and ExCel are not too far apart. I am based in Exeter where web connectivity is not too bad. Much can be observed)