Is there a blog version of British Journal of Management take on Design Science? #Wilmott #Starkey #Hodgkinson

I am trying to find out more about Design Science. There seems to be a good potential link for the OLDS MOOC course and the work on sustainability. Through Google I have found some info on a possible Critique approach from Hugh Wilmott.

In his commentary on our proposal to reframe the relevance of business and management research by combining design science with critical realism (Hodgkinson and Starkey, British Journal of Management, 22 (2011), pp. 355–369), Willmott (British Journal of Management, 23 (2012), pp. 598–604) commends us for our advocacy of a social science as opposed to professional school agenda, while admonishing us for seeking to underpin the commended design science ethos with critical realism, on the grounds of ontological inconsistency and the risk of diminishing the emancipatory elements of our social usefulness agenda. In reply, we demonstrate how, in highlighting the interplay of multiple generative mechanisms within and between levels of analysis, critical realism is entirely commensurate with the design science approach advocated, and enriches rather than diminishes our overarching agenda to humanize the workplace.

I think that is as much as will be publicly available for free. So next week I may go to Exeter University library and try to find out if it is possible to read some of this. St Lukes campus library was ok for journals connected to the OLDS MOOC. 

But I also wonder if there is a short intro to the issues involved in the form of a public blog post. If this about "emancipatory elements" and an "agenda to humanize the workplace" then there may be publication or a version or comment that is easier to understand and get hold of. I still may try to check what is possible through the library, but meanwhile clues welcome.