Issues already inside the Twinity Sphinx

Today I think that light is coming to Beach For You and other places assumed by Twinity to be in the UK.

So I went back to the beach in Northampton to see how the Sphinx looks in daylight.

Trouble is that Twinity places me in the same spot I was yesterday when I imported the Sphinx and somehow the walls are now solid. I'm sure I could walk through it previously.

My colleague Web Kirby has also had a look and has the same problem. He claims it will not matter too much as there can still be a conversation about 3D printing inside the Sphinx as well as outside.

But has anyone out there got a clue what to do? Can the Sphinx be moved? If so are you still inside after the event? 

Please look for "Beach For You" on Twinity and add a comment.

(The light is arriving with the Web Kirby photo because Twinity thinks that there is still night and day. )