Issues around quality management and universities

I have been asked a question about how it a problem presenting ideas about quality management to people who work in UK universities. So I am putting this in a public blog so others can find it. The discussion started around planning a meeting in Room 5 at CQI HQ on the 6th Dec. This is based on the Deming Special Interest Group.

I started by asking permission to publish diagrams and documents online in an open manner and so far have passed one on to my colleague Linda Shelton who blogs about the #mtw3 online conference. Management Theory at Work started with two conferences about ten years ago. There may be another face to face event next year.

See also the diagram in a later post

I am currently strongly into the practice part of this as I think communication will shift over the holidays as consumer electronics takes over computing. But anyway back on topic what I found from Management Theory at Work in earlier versions and since-

Academics find quality systems as imposition as they are experienced. Very rare to find the idea of transformation as positive or possible.

Critique take on quality very strong in management learning studies. Hugh Wilmott and Adrian Wilkinson 1995

Maybe something has changed since. I don't come across anything much different. Based on work at UMIST I think but the intro available from Cambridge 


ISO systems dismissed as far too bureacratic. Of course some people within the CQI think much the same.

Systems and learning are regarded as different subjects. So at Lancaster Department for Management Learning, Department for Management Science .  Peter Checkland wrote about Learning for Action when sort of retired and slightly outside this structure.

More later, sorry this is a start as not long till the 6th.