Winterlude 4 and Linda Shelton's reminder on #mtw3

Maybe it is just the wind and the rain but I have a feeling that the Winterlude may be starting. In previous years this was between Online Information in December and Learning Technologies in January. But Online Information has already happened, though without the exhibits. I don't know what is happening with XML or library technology but will try some search over the next few weeks. Bothe Learning Technologies and BETT are right at the end of January. I think the consumer electronics over the holidays will shift a lot of tablets as well as e-readers so by the time of BETT a lot could change. The lack of a technology display at Olympia is not a sign that tech has stopped changing.

I have linked a lot to the themes of #mtw3 though now am concentrating on applied tech. Linda Shelton has reminded us that the intended streams for #mtw3 are wider than just practice. I will come back to this later but will concentrate on the Winterlude for a while as some tech shifts could soon be clear. If the ratio of tablets to e-readers continues as currently appears then a lot of online information could be sound and video.

I am also checking out Exeter High Street. I don't think this is more than a few months behind what happens anywhere else. Consumer Electronics announced at CES are usually way off being available. Topics include 3D and screens as well as TV.