It is the Green Man , source electrical jelly blog #forkbeardprojection #evolumental #animatedexeter2012

A very thorough blog explains all the mysteries I puzzle over.

Sparks in Electrical Jelly states that it is the Green Man as I thought it might be. 

But I'm not sure about this description-

This model was more akin to the dim ogres found in Terry Gilliam film, however, grunting with slow, dim-witted befuddlement, chronic and everpresent indigestion suggested by moog sounds at their most flatulent. 

I think he was dancing, part of a dance music reference throughout the soundtrack.

The Green Man cannot come soon enough. Apparently he lives near the Haldon hills and will visit Exeter in a month or so. But there could be more than one Green Man. If he chooses to dance then his style should be respected.

Last year there could have been a change in the mood of the music when the Green Man appeared. Is there scope for a remix?