Green Man another case for TV and social media #Enviromental #ForkbearProjection #CCevent

On another blog, Animx, I have commented on ITV and the YouTube post from Exeter Cathedral and recent projection.

Thinking about it today it seems better to concentrate on a future event. I think the Green Man will return to Devon sometime soon. Other places also but it is the continuing cold in Devon that concerns me.

Last year I was able to interview Francis Ives ,  a source close to the Green Man , and he guide me to some other photo opportunities. Phonic FM had a three hour show as listeners phoned in when the Green Man was seen between the Haldon Hills and Exeter Cathedral. Francis Ives told me that there may well be more than one Green Man, even if we just think of areas close to Exeter. Francis also has the impression that the Green Man is attracted to Exeter Cathedral. Last year he appeared on top of the Pizza Express building before vanishing again.

I am trying to find out when he may appear during 2012. Perhaps the ITV weather forecast will be a factor. Other TV is available. Social media can contribute and I don't see any advantage in an embargo till the date and time that might make sense to a particular live broadcast. There could be a green screen somewhere near the cathedral to mix with live interviews and YouTube archive. Probably the Phoenix Media could rent a proper one or the Occupy Exeter group could construct something from rope, tent poles and   a green fabric.

I'm planning on staying inside for a while, looking for links and editing stuff from previously.


#CCevent is a new tag for a Creative Commons event, designed to be easy for social media. More when I find some good sources for theory.