@jangles #likeminds podcasting to extend Wild Show on Phonic?


This is just a note for future posts. I am away next week for a fortnight or so but when I return I will check with people at Phonic on how to extend radio. Neville Hobson spoke at #likeminds for about an hour on Podcasting and it is all on a Creative Commons basis. so I will try to do an edit later. He assumes a podcast is about the length of a radio programme but I think on YouTube it is better to break things down a bit.

Phonic FM is round the corner from the #likeminds Conference Centre and there is no official listen again feature. Various shows turn up in various ways. I think this is to be explored.

Neville mentioned that his podcast has started to include some video conferencing through Google + and that other video conferencing options are available. So I think video will extend the podcast scene.

Meanwhile I found a news item about how TV is viewed

so this could change if more people get confused as to where video comes from. I certainly am.

This will be linked to the Wild Show Facebook page where there may be some comment.