Systems, Learning, links through YouTube, maybe virtual worlds later @mamllnet #cqimoso

 I am in  Lancaster ahead of a meeting later this week about 30 years of Management Learning and Leadership. The sun is shining so I am checking out the environment also. Waterstones now has sofas and coffee. I will get further than a bookshop soon.
Through Twitter I find that Soft Systems has also had a 30 year occasion. And thanks to Lancaster University Television most of it is on Youtube.
follow links to other clips
or start here
YouTube also suggests this from Peter Senge

he talks about education towards the end. I still don't really understand why at Lancaster there is such a distinction between learning and systems. Peter Senge seems to get away with mixing things together. Tweet suggestions welcome but I may not reply this week. Maybe sometime soon.
Next week I am heading south via Birmingham where there is a review of a Deming project. Search Youtube on #cqimoso should work or
There could be more done with video. I will look out for Lancaster University TV. Maybe some casual clips will turn up also.
I am also interested in virtual worlds. this post is from a borrowed laptop so I don't have Twinity loaded. But Facebook works ok and I notice there will be another attempt to crash Kitely on Saturday.
This is the sort of thing that moves along sometime later when the crash is just a memory. So I'm glad someone else is trying it. There are links to learning theory also.