Learning as three meanings, also compared with communication and quality #hellospiders

I am thinking again about doing some diagrams for Hello Spiders. These are similar to word clouds based on stats for search results but can be created as a layout of words anyway. I usually start with learning, communication, quality. Most previous blogs are about how these combine. Earlier on it was about print and other forms of communication. It turns out that the London College may have been right to change the name. It makes more sense over time even if London College of Printing was well known. 

I think "communication" and "quality" can be linked together quite readily. Adobe has moved into analytics as this fits with web design and digital media. Print distribution and advertising will fit with this also I think. So stats and process will be part of the workflow. From a quality perspective the digital communication is now making it easier to combine document control and agility or whatever it is you are looking for.

Learning is still unclear as it is tied into education. The everyday use of the word by people outside formal education may not be the same thing. There is "Networked Learning" which may not rely on technology as it may be based on previously existing academic values. There is whatever Chris Grey is against in "Against Learning" . I think it is outside universities and may be connected with the web.

Then there is Learning Without Frontiers, Learning Technologies, whatever you think is going on at Olympia towards the start of the year. This includes much that is informal.

So I will try later for some words on some sort of pattern.