Local TV could be held together with # tags such as #EX1to4


Reading Peter Preston yesterday there is a suggestion that grassroots local TV may get a welcome. I had missed the latest announcement from the Culture Department but have now found it.


I cannot find any clear support for local content as such. There will be ways to broadcast through some sort of regional structure. But there is still no clear reference to internet video. I realise that UK broadband is a bit behind the curve but it is getting better and probably will be good enough for video before these local cable visions work out as delivery. Of course both approaches can work together.

But I carry on trying out the Kodak Zi8. Welcome as cameras are that cost around £2000, it is clear that phone cameras will be comparable to the Zi8 quite soon, or maybe some are already. #LikeMinds will turn up in Exeter again this autumn and there was a hardware aspect to the previous occasion. The test is whether a 150meg file can be uploaded through wifi or 3g. A card taken to a desktop later that same week may be ok as well.

Meanwhile Jo Gedrych of JG Productions continues with a policy for proper production values. Previous discussions always seem to end up with a budget around ten time the number I first thought of. There is nothing wrong with this approach. So no options are closed in looking at desktop editing and cameras costing around £200.

Earlier today I had an email about "short form video" claiming that long form is anything over five minutes. 


so is the audience ready to put together the five minute sections for themselves?

#EX1to4 is a set of postcodes that are adjacent. Facebook admin insists we are all in Plymouth.

Rougemont Global Broadcasting is mostly at