Looking forward to this #futureprint #tweetjam whattheythink is online already I think

drupa starts soon as an online event

Before the last IPEX I did not realise that what they think dorcom is not in print itself. Not sure if they do any print. OhmyNews has a Saturday free print version as promotion for the website. I don't know if What They Think has anything similar but I guess we may discover.

Xerox is starting with tweets so they are putting print in a context. This seems well judged on what is happening now. I find that Printweek and the Guardian in the UK write about print as if it is still a fixture. It might be easier to imagine a time when they have moved online. Not impossible given other moves in Haymarket.

I Exeter UK we now have a local newspaper as a weekly not a daily. I think the website would be better if they thought about it as the main thing. still a role for print.

There could be a dozen giant inkjet machines, one for each UK region. The Guide in the Guardian on a Saturday is very confusing with a regional section in the middle of the listing for films on TV. The pagination is doubled up and I always get lost. I am not sure what the runlength is but I think someone should look into a scenario plan for something in Bristol. Also a Saturday news sheet for Exeter with a bit extra on sport.