notes for future conversations #1 death to hollywood

I am still thinking about why social video seems easier with music than with visual images. Think it may be with a gallery tradition. So I try to find bits and pieces before they vanish. I have a heap of paper to go through but am trying out searching Google on words I can remember, such as Guardian, Keynes, death, hollywood

 When it was founded in 1946, the Arts Council could justify its activities in its own terms: it was there to widen access to the arts throughout the country, as well as to maintain and develop national arts institutions in the capital. Behind the latter policy lay a theory of artistic value that you could call patrician: art's purpose as ennobling, its realm the nation, its organisational form the institution, its repertoire the established canon and works aspiring to join it. In this the council was seeking to reverse a rising tide of populism (art's role as entertainment, its realm the marketplace, its form the business, its audience mass), a goal summed up in the founding chairman John Maynard Keynes's ringing declaration: "Death to Hollywood."