Management Theory and the London College of Communications

I have mentioned before the possible third conference in the series Management Theory at Work. The first two were at Lancaster University about ten years ago and combined groups of practitioners and academics. Lancaster now has a London base at the Work Foundation so this could be a space for another. So far there is a social media version with a blog and LinkedIn group - search on #mtw3.

There is also a Cloud as part of Cloudworks

The OU and Cloudworks could be a case study during an event. The website is interesting anyway as part of a social media set.

But the buzz about the LCC is usually rather different. Let's face it. Print is on the wrong end of the technology drift, just at this time. The name was changed from the London College of Printing. then the parts of the structure with labels "Print" and "Publishing" were done away with. I don't know what "Design" and "Media" mean as distinct parts of a production process.

The budget cuts are not helping either. Science seems relatively ok but the creative industries need more technology resource than is sometimes supposed.

So I think at a conference the LCC is more likely to be in background mode than a spotlight case study. This blog will link to anything public that relates.

More later on YouTube etc. #mtw3 turns out to be media example that also includes some print journals and books.