Michael Gove at BETT, will the UK get much mindshare? #winterlude3

I have been searching blogs and websites for any news on what Michael Gove or the Department for Education has 

to say about BETT. He will definitely be there and he is sometimes positive about technology. For example-  

Michael Gove on technology at the Policy Exchange this morning:
‘ICT has a huge role to play. I think technology will be playing a larger and larger role in how we make our schools work more effectively in the future. I will be saying more about that soon.
But it’s absolutely right, yes, that both our teachers and students can work from home with the imaginative use of technology and I hope in the future we will be able to make it clear how with the best use of technology we can help parents become more involved in their children’s education, help children learn faster and make sure assessment is better designed to be in their interests.’

However since BECTA was done away with I don't get the impression that there is a UK policy on technology for education. The UK presence at BETT seems a bit weak. The BBC was told not to compete in this space by media such as the Guardian. The BBC continues to have a role but it is not recognised at an event such as BETT.

However other countries are promoting themselves. Korea Digital has the Science Cube linked to a take on science.    


The Supreme Education Council - Qatar is on Stand T34  


Media Development Authority of Singapore is on stand D101

apologies for the formatting going awry

anyway my point is that BETT may end up like Wimbledon, a jolly good show with Cliff Richard once in a while if we are lucky. Of course I could be wrong and Michael Gove may announce some convincing policy that will secure a future for UK education. But a blog or links is sometimes useful to follow up an event.



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