@gifted_giraffe Catchup on 2012 so far, forgot image issue resolved short term

Hello Gifted Giraffe

You tweeted to ask what sort of image I needed. I forgot that actually a short term fix was discovered at the end of last year.

This shows a giraffe, maybe not you exactly, but at least an indication of how you might look in the Phonic studio. You can tweet us between 10 and 12 on a Thursday morning. Or we are in the cafe for a while afterwards. If you wandered over to the steps somebody would notice and find us. Actually Facebook for the Wild Show is better as we check this before the show and sometimes lose track, even of answering the phone.

I am interested in social media and how culture changes. Galleries seem to be dealing with social media but some conventions stay much the same. Current show at Spacex may be about mobile phones or mobility but I was not able to record sound at the intro talk or photograph the speakers or any visual content. I heard that the artists may have been at RAMM on a Tuesday but could not find out how to attend.

So I have posted a YouTube clip of some sound from the Wild Show. I am becoming a sound artist as well as a Photoshop trainee because then I can mess about with sound and vision as journalism or at least blogging. The proper art has a lot of issues around it I find.

As I understand it the Ghostwriter project is a phone scheme where you bring your own hardware and dial in. Not an app and no mp3 to download. No samples available at whatever short length as could be used on radio.

I can understand that if there is a watercolour on loan from the Louvre you might not want to pass it round in a cafe. But a show about mobility and phones could be different. 

Don't worry about anything urgent. There are talks coming up in the next couple of months so maybe some of this is under review.

If you do find some images or sound files, please have a look at Creative Commons. You could reach a wider audience.

Hope 2012 is ok so far.

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