Michael Gove will speak at BETT - source BETT Radio #winterlude3

BETT Radio from Exeter today but there is also an mp3 from previously. I don't know if this is already well known but it was news to me in today's broadcast that Michael Gove will be at Olympia on the opening day. There is a change of tone from the previous one where it seemed possible he would not want to attend.


Last year was the first BETT since BECTA was closed down. It seemed to be policy not to intervene in whether or not schools adopted technology. Maybe there is some change in this.

However there has been some reporting of doubts about technolgy. 

The Huffington Post has reported that Gove suggested confiscating mobile phones during a talk at the Conservative conference. 
The Telegraph featured an article by David Cameron including the question “Why should we put up with a school content to let a child sit at the back of the class, swapping Facebook updates? " , which is a fair question but so far seems not to have been balanced by asking how social media relate to learning.

The winterlude is a period of reflection about technology and communication. The Cloud seems certain to be one of the topics, with Olympia as a UK point of contact. Also featuring stands from Singapore and Qatar.