Winterlude Three is part of the cloud, timescale varies

Today I listened to BETT radio, direct from Exeter where I live.

So the BETT event seems to have started, well ahead of January. Yesterday I watched a video of Chuck Geschke on early Adobe history. I may soon understand how Adobe see the cloud and UK events face to face. They do have a point about what is happening.

So the Winterlude is only partly about actual time at Olympia London UK. Future Winterludes may not have any face to face, just a memory of Olympia before it was flats and Chelsea built a new stadium at Earls Court.

The main outline seems to be Information before the holiday, then technology at BETT, and then learning at Learning Technologies. Online Information is mostly about content, structured and with authority. Science at universities for example. BETT links to technology as used by young people. It cannot be too far away from what happens out of school. Learning Technologies has some space for informal learning, adult education, whatever you want to call it. So this could be the time for a general discussion on what new technology is interesting and how to evolve the valued information. This sort of process could happen at any time as all three shows are online already and there is an input from memories of previous occasions.

Previously I thought the Winterlude was mostly about technology but now it seems to be a lot about ideas. Technology as consumer electronics needs less explanation. It can be assumed that most of it works ok. I have been thinking about the Management Theory at Work conferences a while ago and there is a LinkedIn group to look at another one

This blog will include some ideas relevant to this. The original conferences had a strong critique aspect that I think blocked the possibility of linking technology and learning organisations. Technology has happened anyway. There is still interest in innovation but there could also be more study on disruption. The Deming Special Interest Group of the CQI will have a meeting on Deming Secrets on Dec 8th. If quality theory is "the new economics" it can include explanation of how firms fail. So this is in the background.

Previously, "only the paranoid survive" , what is this about? Probably there will be some examples of survival methods.