more about radio, World Service going back before Radio Caroline ? just a theory

One thing I forgot to mention in previous post-

The idea of the transistor radio as a stage in portability design makes sense.

But what is happening with the World Service at the moment? They only play clips of tracks, maybe 10 seconds at the longest. Mostly there is talk. Could be abudget issue but it must reflect some priority. And this at a time when the UK licence is paying directly. Most people like music as in complete tracks.

Is there some official in part of the Foreign Office or BBC who really did not like Radio Caroline and is trying to take us back to a time previously when text fiction was supposed to be the thing? The Strand can easily find an hour or so for an author.


My guess is that there are enough acts on the planet not signed to major labels to fill an hour or so a week with mp3 that they would like the BBC World Service to broadcast. I am not sure of hoe this sort of thing works. Maybe I will meet someone during Analog 2 Digital in exeter who could explain.

If they can only supply info on suggested listening, then YouTube links would help. The BBC surely has a department for Big Data Interfaces or something.