Sustainability and symbolic architecture, possibly topics for radio as in Wild Show on Phonic FM

Still thinking about the scope of a chat show, as in filling the gaps on music radio. The structure of the Wild Show, like the New Exeter Radio Show, is fairly loose so there can be up to 20 minutes for a topic.
I think "sustainability" is worth looking at. It was studied during the recent Networked Learning conference.
I am not sure of the balance of focus regarding society and organisations. There is a lot of ambiguity around the sustainability of business and the environment.
There is an interesting post today on What They Think
Apparently there is not much of a choice for print companies facing the current challenges of competing media and changes in technology - " either issue a Mayday and sell the boat, or do nothing and watch the ship sink."
Around the time of drupa there could be other possibilities in the conversation. If it is time for a closed look at "cross media" then there could be a wider scope of services. Short run printing can be part of a web based system.
This sort of issue can relate to the sustainability of particular systems and to the planet. Peter Senge has talked about this in a  talk on YouTube-
There is also a YouTube record of a Google Hangout on reinventing education
Here it is pointed out that the book is 1000 years old. So education could be through video, or at least try things out. But book technology has not been the same all that time. And it could still change.
In Exeter UK the Queen will soon open the new cental feature for the university. Notably there is no space for a bookshop though there will be new technology support. This may be similar to the Learning Zone at Lancaster. I am not sure hos this sort of resource works out. It may be just as technology or it may have a symbolic effect on the university community and how forms of communication are regarded.
At drupa there will be discussion on the carbon footprint of print. This is rarely compared to the carbon imprint of buildings. But the comparison could be interesting.