#mtw3 extends to University Campus Suffolk, lectures series YouTube archive

The online version of Management Theory at Work is making more connections. The start point is a keynote by John Burgoyne, related to the original. Versions of his text adapt to situations including the Grove Journal. He recently spoke at the University Campus Suffolk and some record will appear soon

It is interesting what else is included and how it is recorded. The content of the online version of Management Theory at Work is still to be determined so this lecture series could be a guide, as well as the Grove Journal. There is one YouTube clip of an hour and a half so this took me a while to study. John Peters on "Risk, Trust and the Benefits of Social Responsibility"  is not available to search on YouTube but you can find it on the link above.

What interests me especially is the reference to ISO 9000and to quality assurance in general as a comparison for managing trust. I have found that quality issues are not always included. John Peters now works for GSE Research where journal articles are published so this could be an example of an organisation adapting to technology changes.

The video is unusual as it is just sound though with the slides. He uses two clips from YouTube that can be more public. So my question is what happens with journals when text is as mash able?