Giraffe theme for Wild Show and creative commons sound in museums

I am still thinking about the talk last week around Blast Theory at Spacex.

Gabriella Giannachi spoke about the interest from computer science and made comparisons with open source. However I still find there is no audio connected to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum that can be used on radio or as paqrt of a YouTube video for example.

On the Wild Show we have done a few items on Creative Commons, and one reasoin for using this is to reach a wider public.

"Documentation" seems to be a way of authorising recording for an academic audience. I still don't know what has happened to the sound recording from the opening of the current show. How could such audio be used if and when it was available.

Meanwhile investigations continue around image rights and giraffes. I have an ongoing tweet discussion with a gifted giraffe but I'm not sure this is the giraffe I first thougt of.