Negroponte ahead of BETT and Learning Technologies, comment on rote learning

Nicholas Negroponte is a keynote speaker for the Learning Technologies conference

I guess he may also visit BETT but I can't find a web page if he also speaks there.

This blog links to YouTube from a recent speech. In the questions section he happens to mention the UK, a minister and views on rote learning. About 34 minutes in. Could this be Michael Gove? Will this sort of comment be repeated?

Last year at BETT  I though there was some positive potential in leaving the tech lessons open. But it seems to be that Gove has insisted on a tight definition for the subjects he thinks are important. There have not been many reports of positive results on ICT during the year. I am still trying to keep an open mind.

Negroponte did not have a lot to say about a safer internet. Maybe he will include this at BETT. Bandwidth is now comparing with hardware as a block on curiosity.

By the way, train could be a way to connect Olympia and ExCel. North London Line now heads way East I think. Not sure about this but a few weeks still to check.