Projects for MOOCs - Ideal City and MoSO #mtw3 #mosocoop

Yesterday the Cloudworks based face to face launch of the MOOC course seemed to be ok, at least well attended. The numbers may have been more than expected. Some versions of the online feed did crash. I heard it ok on Quicktime. A lot was based on Google and YouTube. The YouTube archive turned up quite quickly but there was no sound. Anyway, lots of content to come back to and it seems likely a lot will be on YouTube so it is open to anyone. You don't have to do the whole thing.

It turns out this will be based on projects in groups. So my impression of a MOOC as transmission is wrong. Maybe these groups could be extended. I will try out a project for MoSO, a model of sustainable organisation. This is a site based at the CQI that tries to present ideas from Edwards Deming for a current set of interests. 

There is video in support of this. Also LinkedIn and soforth. I should get help in rethinking this as if it was a MOOC. There will be a face-to-face meeting in March so maybe the course project will be advanced by then.

I am also interested in a MOOC about an ideal city. I may not fit in too well as I have some doubts about celebrity architects and the way cities are going. Building into new spaces is much too casual I think. East Devon still has some green space not taken over for a Science Park. It could stay that way if we put more thought into using virtual technology with the existing resource in the city centre. So I will try this out on the group ( this MOOC also looks like it is based on sets ) .

#mtw3 continues in online mode but may be face2face at some time. The Twinity version might have a model of the Work Foundation later but meanwhile we use a cafe as a location that is also in Twinity Berlin. So this could fit with the course conclusion.