Network Learning and the Adobe Creative Cloud

The Network Learning Conference happens every couple of years. Last year I found it hard to place graphics on the discussion board and there was no video till almost the end with an external link to the closing keynotes. 

Ahead of the 2012 conference there will be online "hot seats" starting later this month. This is through a Ning site. Also there is a Facebook page and Twitter feed. Facebook is mostly the Twitter feed at this time. Maybe there could be video through Facebook over time.

Meanwhile Adobe announce the "creative cloud" for most of their applications. Flash and HTML5 will allow a rich mix of sound and motion graphics including TV. There is not much here about text or journals.

So will academic publishing tend towards the new Adobe vision? A lot could happen before April 2012 but the only safe predictions are that BETT and Learning Technologies will be in January at Olympia, London.

Obviously on balance there is still a role for classic Postscript and PDF. Not that Acrobat is highlighted in the new press releases. Adobe could pay more attention to the boring old products that just carry on with a reliable cash flow. Corporate types may eventually notice that upgrading desktop software is quite expensive while creatives have fun in the cloud at prices chosen for a growing market..