Virtual Reality, Towards Maturity, web science in Exeter

I just heard a webcast about online learning from Towards Maturity. the report is at

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From the sample of response to recent questions, likely to be people interested in online learning it appears that virtual worlds have stopped gaining new interest.

Whilst adoption rates for virtual classroom and virtual meetings and conferences follow a predictable curve, it seems that virtual world-style serious gaming environments are off the agenda for four out of every five learning professionals delivering training into workplace today. When asked about the live online learning systems they use to deliver business training or plan to use, , less than 9% of the Learning and Development leaders taking part in the study said that virtual world-style immersive or avatar-driven training resources were likely to be part of their company’s learning mix anytime soon.

My impression is that this is so for a wider audience as well. The website for Exeter science links to the Phoenix but the Second Life tests were a while ago

Performing Presence closed in 2009, I thjink, based on the links

From the chat and the report current concerns include security, firewalls, and bandwidth.

But bandwidth is getting better. Virtual worlds may be getting more possible at home. 

I am interested in Twinity, currently limited to a few cities not including Exeter. My avatars when in Exeter cluster in the city centre as I like consumer electronics. Web science need not rely on the larger kit found on industrial estates clustered round the city edge.

What is happening more recdently?

Is there a skills base in using cameras. I have seen some good work on YouTube but can't get started to any fluidity.