next month or so / Wild Show on Phonic FM this Thursday 10-12

This is a day off in the UK. So I'm trying to sort out a rough idea of what happens over the next few weeks that could fit with the Wild Show. This week Chris is definitely away for a performance with the Isca Wheelchair Dancers. But I think he will be back more after that. I may do the first half hour or so while he settles in. Around the first two weeks of June I will be away.

Topics over the month include quality and learning through sustainability and innovation. But the next week has a focus on the print industry or communication. drupa continues but by Thursday more will be clear on what this one is about. Dialogue Marketing is featured in the drupa cube

This might connect with the #likeminds event in Exeter at the end of May. The drupa cube agenda still seems to have a hard copy priority. From a distance I'm not sure the discussion at drupa has moved on that much so far. But there has not been much news from the dip.

Print City host a day conference on the environment on Thursday also.

I am not going to cover much of drupa in two hours, well talk is only supposed to be less than 20% . Mostly it is a music show. But I can put links in this blog and link also through the Wild Show Facebook page.

I hope there will be a guest who works with photography. We may cover how images contribute to social situations. How has digital technology changed things?

What we don't find time for will be continued later. Chris Norton thinks of the show as a never ending biscuit tin. Some of it is consumed each time, but more is put into stock.