Backing dancers and Hannah Berney : Max Milner to busk in Sidmouth?

It seems to me ok for anyone to offer an opinion. I have got more into this since I happened to video Hannah Berney during the Queen's visit to Exeter and the analytics tell me it was one of the more interesting things that happened.

I thought her performance on the Voice was quite ok, just a bit too much happening for the Saturday night audience. I think just a straight version of At Last might have gone over better. This is a possible model from Natalie Cole

It is not in a studio but I notice how slowly the cameras move. There are closeups and she walks around a bit but it is fairly relaxed. The BBC cameras currently zoom in and out and cut to another one so fast that what Hannah Berney was doing was at least designed to fit in. 

The camera style did not suit Max Milner at all. He did do a straight song presentation but they kept switching to some other view.

Apparently he is going to stay clear of dancers. but he still has the production assumptions to worry about. He may consider a visit to Sidmouth in the summer time where buskers may be recorded using simple cameras that just hold the performance. Here in Exeter we are trying to work out how to edit two video sources together. So there may be more of a range of styles later. But Sidmouth in August is still very important as only outside recording can provide reasonable lighting.