notes from Wild Show today with guest Clive Chilvers #drupa #socialdrupa

Because of a technical problem there will be a delay in loading a copy of the show to Soundcloud. But below are some notes on what we discussed. I hope to connect this with drupa topics over the next week. Clive is a photographer and I think his situation is an interesting context for drupa issues. ( drupa is a print trade show still happening for about another week )


Meridian Raw is a community project for workshops in participatory photography. Clive described one project using disposable cameras. The negative was then scanned for digital display and distribution. ( Sorry, Clive explained a lot more which will be on the sound version, I am just sticking to the technical aspects at the moment)

Clive has a background in stills photography but is considering video. He notices the improvement in phone cameras but they are still too expensive to lend out to groups without setting up a risky situation.

There is still a role for hard copy but probably in quite short runs. There was an exhibit of photos from Meridian Raw photos in the Phoenix Bar earlier this year. Clive suggested that hard copy reaches a different audience to online.

There is a social benefit through Creative Commons but not in cases where context is important. Some photos need to be explained so control is needed over the way they are displayed. 

Clive has a view on current developments that is quite a challenge for the print industry. He seemed reasonably impressed with the new Forum on Exeter University campus. He is based at the Innovation Centre. He has used the new table top iPad style devices, suitable for group work. These are on the first floor. So the absence of a bookshop seems not to be a great concern.

He also arranges social media for TEDxExeter

Apparently there was a print based promotional set of materials prepared but the social media were enough to sell all the available spaces. This may be a special situation around the strong list of speakers but clearly the case for print has to be made.

TEDxExeter included discussions on sustainability. I mentioned the meetings at drupa supported earlier by Hewlett-Packard and at Print City today.

There is still another week of drupa so there may be more connections as content can be found online. It is likely that a future TEDxExeter will continue to include sustainability as an issue.

I hope Clive will come back again and continue this conversation.

Meanwhile Kodak’s chief blogger, Jennifer Cisney has claimed that this is the Social drupa. There is a related set of considerations for Canon, FujiFilm, Agfa and others. Based on my conversation with Clive it seems that communication through photography  continues and print is part of this but still having to work at it.

By the way, I'm not sure what the E in TED is for. Clive said it was Education. I thought it was Entertainment and this seems to be on the website.

I don't see anything wrong with entertainment. And maybe education is getting mixed into all this. Continues on Twitter