on not going to drupa

The year is taking shape. The winterlude was a while ago but I don't seem to have finished with it.

Learning Technologies and especially the learning without frontiers was pretty clear. The cloud is viable in the UK.

I still think that video will be the most obvious technology at drupa. But as part of social media in general. So I think I can probably follow the gist of drupa from a desktop in Exeter. Only way to check is to try it. It can't be another inkjet drupa. Last time was clearly web-to-print, at least in the dip.

For one thing the companies not there include Apple and Adobe. Since early '80s they have been the main source of disruptive tech. Now Apple might be into television. The HD capability on the recent iPad is pretty much wasted on UK bandwidth. Not sure where this is going but way beyond hard copy file sizes.

Adobe is launching new products around analytics. Maybe creative software is about to run out of margin. But is analytics that complicated either? the new Flash? Statistics is not yet widely discussed but process control has been studied in manufacturing for decades. They do have a point though. I have started to check the analytics on YouTube. I respond variously. Some things there should be more of as they get watched. Others need promotion as they seem to be ignored. More on this later.

One thing that is clear is that timescales are all over the place. Since thinking back to Postscript it may not matter which year it is. But it is slightly confusing that I was interested in a Cross Media event in autumn 2011 though it was postponed to 2012. It will be in Islington UK. The first idea for it was on the way back from digi:media

But the timescale seems to me to be out of scale, even as I lose track of the odd month or two. Another problem is that the dip - the innovation parc- tends to be missed in the attention for all the heavy metal. Even the inkjet is impressive. So I think you may have to imagine 2013 for a digi:media / dip in clear focus.

Meanwhile back to "pre-media", not yet ready as "cross-media". Unless there is a rethink in the next few weeks.

I am also imagining that some print will be vanishing soon, or in few enough years to count as soon. Printweek in hard copy is a promotion for the website. "Ask Jo" just tells you the problem in print. And the Guardian may get even smaller as well in terms of pages. I don't always believe what print journalists write. Especially about print.