Online Information in the cloud and at Olympia

My impression so far is that The Online Information show has been a big success in making a case for the cloud. However the need for a show may diminish.

But starting with who is there here is a video about the EU

And Craig Newmark

This is the second year that the Apps show will be next door.

Both Highwire Press and the British Library do not have stands this time, but they do have new apps.

Wired show several graphics for an app linked to the new exhibition Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination,

and Highwire have an app that  views " articles “off-campus” via the mobile voucher service. Users can register their devices and be able to access their institutional account away from the main institutional network"

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Meanwhile there are fairly new organisations that seem to exist and promote mostly online. Looking through blogs shows that Scribd are recruiting mobile engineers and Mendeley reach librarians online.

Olympia will be interesting this week but it has to be seen in a cloud context.