Cross Media has to include Television #winterlude3

Today is the first day of a sort of cloud version of Cross Media Live. It should have been the first day of an actual event in Islington but this is now for Sept next year.

So time travel is in order. The winterlude usually stops with Learning Technologies but I think some aspects of drupa are now clear. (This blog may seem a bit random and unconnected but the content will be rearranged over next weekend after Online Information, real time at Olympia )

whattheythink is back from the holidays.

Is it very likely there could be an "inkjet drupa" again? I have now said seveal times that this will be the VIDEOdrupa. The main news from IPEX was that the equipment manufacturers went direct to video with significant studio space for Kodak, Oce and others.

Then recently a Printweek blog commented about Andrew Tribute on YouTube with a comment through Kodak B2B

The thing is, if this was on aq media channel that restricted prime content to subscribers,  then Kodak would not reach most of the audience they need. So expect much more video on YouTube etc. with high value content.

Print is another part of the web context.


I came across a blog by Matt Straz who wants an Apple TV for Xmas. He thinks this is possible because of remarks in Steve Jobs biography and leaks that Sharp will deliver screens in February. 

Seems quite likely that 2012 will be a year for TV as another app device. The Consumer Electronics Show will be part of the winterlude even if Apple are not there. They won't be at drupa either.