Ordnance Survey, Creative Commons, #likeminds, Twinity, Alan Moore

I'm looking through notes from #likeminds and the excellent blog that is even better than my memory. There is a link from the talk by Alan Moore to a detail on the Ordnance Survey use of Creative Commons.

The thing is, Twinity has backed off from a model of real cities. I think this has to do with rights to map info or the costs of such. Previously they had a 3D model of central Berlin, Singapore, Miami, New York and London. Now there are just the apartments and cafes etc. Also some new roughs of a "New Berlin" of which more later.

My main question is, if the Ordnance Survey are prepared to think about Creative Commons, what is the problem with info at the level Twinity need it? Is it a secret that Charing Cross Road is close to Trafalgar Square? Could there be a sponsorship arrangement. Better maps are available. Something like that.

Meanwhile I am exploring New Berlin and other places. It works ok but not quite the same. I think a Twinity London should be back in full force in time for the Olympics. I have suggested a canal side route from Regent's Park to Victoria Park. Around Islington Green and King's Cross it can get a bit complicated as the canal is underground and the footpaths are various. This is a situation where detailed maps should be allowed imho.

Anyway I shall try to Tweet this to the proper authorities and hope something can be worked out.